Camera decision...frankly impossible


I am looking for a new camera to replace my FZ300 (great camera but horrible low light performance)
My budget is of about 800-900$ to buy ONLY the camera body.
I have always had problems when it comes to deciding cameras, the market is really wide these days. Lot´s of options all with pros and cons...
I will mainly use the camera for filmmaking (videos) and I am struggling to decide between these products (do feel free to recommend me any other):

-Fuji X-T30: Great video, no OIS, not a wide range of lenses, APS-C sensor
-Lumix G85: Decent video, OIS, wide and cheap range of lenses, micro 4/3
-Canon EOS M50
-Olympus E-M10 Mark whatever...

Any other option I should consider?
What camera do you recommend to me?

(Looking for decent low light, wide dynamic range, OIS if possible although it is not essential, decent colour palette, decent codec...)




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    Any help? actually I know they often use a camera for low light other than the Red, I think its a sony.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Consider a used Sony A7s. The first-gen A7s can be found secondhand for about $800

    The A7s (specifically the S) is optimized for video shoots. For stills you get a "mere" 12MP resolution, but the tradeoff is the best low-light performance in DSLR/MFT video.

  • @Andy001z; Thanks for the info. Yes, sony performs the best when it comes to low light...
    @Triem23; I have investigated a bit the A7s, looks like a compelling option. But the lack of 4K makes me doubt. (That plus the fact that in my country I can´t find any A7s for less than 1000 discards the option)

    What about the fuji?? It shoots 6K and downscales to 4K; 200Mb/s; F-Log; and great colours. It may not be as good in low light as the sony, but I think it is a good option...

    What do you think?
    Any other thoughts??

  • Just a side thought, I assume you have the hardware (computing) wise to deal with such large media. Both in storage and the grunt to decode and edit at 4 or 6k. Something to consider.

  • @Andy001z; Yes, I do have a beefy PC (overclocked 9900K; RTX 2070super) 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Oops, my bad. The A7s CAN record 4k,but over HDMI. It's the A7sii that added internal 4k. And that's going to be out of your price range. Sorry about that. I thought I'd found you the perfect choice. Let me do research on those other cams and I'll get back to you. 

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    @Triem23; Thanks a lot! (Don´t worry, specs are really confusing... At least for me)

  • @Triem23; I have also considered buying a used Canon 5D Mark ii with magic lantern, but don´t know if it is a good idea... I think that even the Panasonic G85 delivers better footage...

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    The 5D mkii is also a 1080p camera. I'd go for the A7s over it. 

  • @Triem23; Makes sense. A7s is newer as well. But I think that these days 4K is almost mandatory for a 900$ price range...

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