Very laggy editing experience if layers are playing at once

Whenever i edit my videos hitfilm runs great with no problems and the playback is also great, the problem becomes apparent once i have 2 or more layers playing at once (here is what i mean: the playback is extremely terrible, in fact so terrible that it spits out only 1 frame every few seconds, when 1 layer at a time is playing everything works fine, 60fps full res playback. 


Here's some info that might be relevant:

Operating System: Latest version of Windows 10 Home

The Layers are in a composite shot, the composite shot is 1080 60fps

the video files are 1080p 60fps .mp4

My system: (specs and % utilised when the problem occurs)

32GB, 3200mhz, cas 16 RAM - 5GB utilised when the problem occurs

AMD Ryzen 7 3700x 8 core cpu running at 4,4GHz when necessary - 5% utilisation when problem occurs

NVidia RTX 2070 Super videocard/GPU with 8GB VRAM (overclocked) - Video decode 100% utilisation

1TB m.2 nvme ssd with read and write speeds of over 1500MB/s - 0% utilisation

My Hitfilm max RAM utilisation in settings is set at 25GB

I gathered aforementioned information from taskamanager, no other programs were running during testing.

As far as i know i have the latest drivers installed. The hitfilm express version is also the latest

When one layer is playing the video runs smoothly and the GPU is being used only 13%

Why do just 2 layers make the GPU usage over 7 times higher?

I should also note that when a cut happens and im running the playback it just freezes for a second and then runs fine again (

Is this a problem with my hardware or can hitfilm somehow be optimized to run better?

(If necessary i can record what happens when i edit, so let me know!)





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    There are always limits to performance. Just because one layer performs fine does not mean two layers will do the same. Just because two layers plays fine does not mean three layers will do the same.

    You say "1080p 60fps .mp4". This vague so I am assuming a typical AVC/H.264 video format but I wonder what the bitrate of the file is. I ask since you mentioned "Video decode 100% utilisation". That is very specific and not related to general GPU utilization. I would not have thought two streams would peg the hardware video decoder of a 2070. I wonder what the specs of your media are? Specifically bitrate. A text MediaInfo report would be good. I have a GTX 1080 and I only get about ~18% decode utilisation with two media streams in a test (unique separate files). 1080p60 media (only 44mbps).

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