Vegas Magix turning into hitfilm- Kinda

I have just seen this and i am new to what Vegas Magix is doing as i haven't used there stuff for a few version but i saw this and it reminded me of Hitfilm, They even used similar promo material to advert this




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     Vegas Post was announced by Magix and FXHOME at NAB last year. Vegas Effects is an FXHOME product 99%+ Hitfilm while Vegas Image is effectively Imerge. In this case both tools have optimized pipelines to Vegas. 

  • Oh i had no idea, i feel such a idoit now :s so its a give and take sea saw product that so cool!

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    Don't feel bad! Yeah, the gang at FXHOME has a good working relationship with other companies. 

    Now I, and several other people here last year got a bit snippy about Filmora 9 - it's interface is also very "Hitfilmy." Turns out that FXHOME does some collaborative work with Wondershare!

    So, when I say "don't feel bad," I'm speaking as someone who made a similar mistake. You saw something interesting and shared it will good intent. 😁👍

  • I did not know that also, Its amazing to know that, yet i suppose fans and users may not and and like you said that's where the confusion can come from ha. I feel there is nothing wrong with using other products as well as a back up but also how things work, Different programs may offer things differently to user's  and will be different to know so as a skill its good to know in the end i sopose.


    Yeah your right its all about seeing something that is interesting and just talking about things in general, Not a hateful or troll way of course. 

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