Crop / layer add issues

Hi, I have an issue when trying to crop a 12MP image, the crop markers only cover a part of the image, and then I can drag them to increase the final image size the numeric values change, but the cropping rectangle doesn't change size.


Second bug : the add layer from image button sometimes works, sometimes not (and works again after restarting the program and loading the same project)


My configuration : MSI Laptop with 16GB RAM, NVidia RTX2060 with 6GB, iMerge Pro 6, Windows 10 64Bit.


  • Hi @Deweak, when cropping, it doesn't take effect until after you accept the crop by either clicking on the crop icon and selecting "Accept" or hitting the enter key. If you want to resize the canvas to the layer it might be easier to right click the layer and select "Set canvas to same size".

    About the add image layer button, do you mean that the menu doesn't appear, or that you can select the image but nothing happens?

  • Hi @SamuelMorris, sorry for the late answer !


    About the crop issue, let me try with this example : I have a photo and I want to work on a 16:9 crop. I select the crop function, then start to drag the two corners to set the right size. My problem is that even if the pixels values of the cropped size change next to the corner point, this point is sticked at a certain point and can’t be dragged to the edges of the image, as if the working area was smaller than the actual picture.


    Import image issue : nothing happens when I click on this button. No menu, nothing. The other buttons work well (add plane, add text, etc.)

  • Thanks for the report @Deweak, we will investigate.

  • Thank you 🙏 

  • Hi @Deweak, we've been looking into the crop issue and we think it might be an issue with the amount of memory Imerge thinks your graphics card has. This is because we have reproduced this issue, but only by attempting to crop to a size that would be require more memory than our graphics cards have. Now, as your card has 6GB, this should be over 100MP, but if we're getting the wrong information it could be less.

    So, could you ensure that your graphics drivers are up to date, and then open Imerge and press Ctrl+Shift+D. A window will pop up displaying some information that will be useful for us. There'll be a button at the bottom that says "Save to file". If you click this and save the file, could you then send it to us?

    Additionally, this calculation takes into account the number and sizes of monitors you have attached, so could you tell us this?

    Also, could you tell us at what crop size (the numbers in the top right corner of the crop) does this issue happen at?

  • I could reproduce the issue only sometimes (the crop "blocked" around 6MP),it looks like this :

    Capture 0

    This is the maximum size of the crop box, I can drag a corner as I want up to 20MP, but if I accept tis setting, the image is cropped at this 3148x1967 pixels size (6.19 MP) :

    Capure 0b


    Sometimes I have another problem : Capture 1

    The crop button doesn't create a crop rectangle, but only a cross in the middle of the screen. but now when I click on the cross to try a drag a corner I have this :

    Capture 2

    and then the crop disappears and I can't get it anymoreeven after rejecting the setting. The log file is here : Log file


    Thanks for your help !


  • Thanks @Deweak, that's very helpful. We're continuing to look into this, we may have more questions in the future.

  • I have been reporting this issue as well on occassion but struggled to reproduce it - now i understand why..

    Since im eager to get this ironed out too, ill try to reproduce it from my end given the new found nformation shown

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