[SOLVED] Activating HitfilmPro of HumbleBundle, if already license (3 device version) installed

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Hello, apologies in advance, if it has been asked, before, I couldn't find it.

I had purchased the Filmmaker HumbleBundle last year, and I had no problems to activate IgnitePro which I didn't own before, it shows up in the Software overview of my account.

However, I apparently cannot activate my second purchase of Hitfilm Pro and ActionPro.

Background info: I purchased both HitfilmPro as well as ActionPro about a year ago, April 2019, and activated both.

So the HitfilmPro and ActionPro version I currently use is the one that runs out in a few weeks and is the regular one for up to 3 devices, but the HitfilmPro/ActionPro version I purchased with the Humblebundle is the one for 1 device only.

How can I have both versions run parallel on the same device?

The reason why I'm asking is: I'd like to have the 1-device-version installed on my main computer, to get the benefit of updates for 1 more year. However, I'd also like to have at the same time the old 3-device-version installed that runs out of updates in a few weeks, just in case I would purchase an update for that non-HumbleBundle version again sometime in the future, if I need to have a newer version installed on more than 1 computer.

On my other 2 computers I would run the HitfilmPro/ActionPro version that runs out of updates in a few weeks, but still is more than good enough for me to work with. as long as I'm an editing noob.

TLDR: I purchased HitfilmPro/ActionPro from FXHome directly in April 2019, purchased HumbleBundle license that needs to be activated within the next 5 days, but cannot activate it, as I already have the regular HitfilmPro/ActionPro version with my old license installed on my computer, but want both HitfilmPro/ActionPro versions to run parallel on the same computer, if possible.

If not, how do I activate the Humblebundle license intime, within next 5 days?
Do I have to deactivate my 3-device-version on this computer, and install Hitfilm/ActionPro with the 1-device-only-Humblebundle version and activate that?

I don't want to miss the activation deadline ;-;

Sorry for my complicated way of phrasing things, I'm not native English :)

Thank you in advance for help, kind regards,


  • @LapisDemon you should be able to register this to the same account. If you have any difficulty with a specific step feel free to let us know.

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    Hello Ben, well, what I did was, I clicked on Redemption Instructions, clicked on the provided Download link, installed it - but when I started it, it didn't ask me for my Humblebundle license, but it may have simply started my old 3-devices-software instead which was already installed? I'm not sure.

    I did the same steps for ActionPro which I had already purchased a year ago as well, and it also seems to not have worked, when I look under Software in my FXhome account.

    There I can only see my old HitfilmPro and ActipnPro license, not a second one.

    Maybe I derped somewhere (it was late), but I thought the software would be somewhat differentiable, considering it's for only 1 device.

    I'll see later after work, if I can find 2 HitfilmPro and ActionPro installation instances, I'm not used yet to the WIN10 OS, it's annoying :))

    If I already did anything wrong with the above steps, or any hints regarding the second HitfilmPro/ActionPro instance, please let me know.

    Thank you, have a good day!


  • @LapisDemon I only see one ActionPro and one HitFilm Pro license on your account. It may be worth contacting support as soon as possible so they can help get this sorted.

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     oops, I correct myself, apparently it didn't work for ActionPro either, both run out soon. Oh god, I'm such an airhead atm, sorry

  • @LapisDemon unfortunately I'm not sure what the steps provided by the humble bundle are, so I cannot help much more, but hopefully either support or another user that has done the same as you can.

  • Okay, will contact Support, thanks Ben!


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    Wonderful, Support could help me, if I already got an installation, apparently it's better go to the registration site, register the product there, and from there on proceed to the download site :)


    Topic can be closed, I'll try to do it myself though, in case I can.

    Thank you again, have a wonderful weekend!

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