My newest short film

This is the film I did for my sister, it was made for her scholarship submission a contest to win $1500. She wrote the script and I directed, edited, and composited it all in Hitfilm, I had one day to shoot edit and composite everything... I'd love to hear your opinions on how it turned out!


  • Very good. 

    Well presented and well edited. Just two minimal things right near the end.
    The flag -If it's important I should be able to read it.... unless I have missed something.
    The odd reframe at 01:49.  I suspect you didn't have another shot but could you have stabilised it even if you needed to zoom in a little?
    Anyway, minor things in a really well put together piece.

  • Stargazer54Stargazer54 Moderator

    Thumbs up! Like the text dropping in and tracking the spokesperson (your sister I presume).  Nice effect.  Great use of HF all around.

  •  @DafterThings The text on the flag wasn't important, but 1;49 I knoticed that but when only having a day to shoot and being in negative degree weather a few hours can feel like 10 frost bitten hours... but thatnks for the comment! 

  • Very nicely done, great edit for the tone of the msg.

  • @ryaanraake ;


    nicely done mate, did you use LUTS or manual colour grading?.. 



  • @RyanRaake, fantastic work! It's come out really well, especially as a one-day project!

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