i used drone made photo scan 3d models of arizona, utah , and ca. to make this video

red ryder 80th anniversary video made on hitfilm with some old footage of my kids and some cool drone photo scan 3d models of monument valley Utah   https://youtu.be/Vwe5DiEanfU


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    The video is marked private, thus unwatchable. You might want to change it to Unlisted?

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    "thank you I caught that this morning , it's good to go now 

  • if anyone is interested in a link or where they can find these models like me know


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    @RobStilfield Of course, I'm interested.  I am a firm believer you can't have enough 3D modeling assets in the archive for those just in case moment...providing I can remember I have them :) The archive isn't all that organized sadly.

  • Awesome. That is cool. :)

  • here's one of the links https://skfb.ly/6BJNu

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    Fun video! I always enjoy the Trey and Zey shorts! 

    Nice find on the model of Merrick Butte. 

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