Free 'Utopia' kit from KitBash3d

If it's of interest to anyone, KitBash3d are currently offering their Utopia kit for free (normal price $199) in response to current world events. I don't have any affiliation with them, I just figured some people here might be interested? From the email I received from KitBash3d about it:


"What if digital artists around the world created bright art during these dark times and shared it with their communities to uplift, inspire and motivate? 

We believe as artists you have an incredible gift that is needed now more than ever. You have the ability to create light amidst the darkness and chaos for so many people. We ask you to join us in this mission: to conceptualize a brighter future and create images full of optimism and hope.

Free Utopia Kit so you can create #BrightArtDarkTimes
To help you with this mission, we’d like to give you our Utopia kit for free. Just use this code - brightartdarktimes - at checkout after adding Utopia to your cart

We only ask that you create something optimistic with it and use the hashtag #BrightArtDarkTimes when you post so that we can share it too."



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    NICE! Thanks for sharing!

  • @Triem23

    If I got this for HFP, what format should I get? Choices are FBX/OBJ, Blender. Others are for software packages I do not have.



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    @DataDesign I snagged the FBX/OBJ format (not sure what the renderer selection is for; I used Native)  I figured if I got it in Blender then I couldn't use them directly in Hitfilm but FBX or OBJ is good for both FWIW. And a big thank you to @AndrewCameron for the initial post.  Might come in handy to have.

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    @DataDesign like @tddavis, I picked this up in FBX/OBJ, BUT.... Here's a big but.

    You'll get one or two models.... All of the elements are in a single file, so.... To be useful for Hitfilm I'll have to go into the full "kit" and save out only the buildings I WANT as individual elements.... And since you'll need to modify before use ANYWAY, I'd say get the Blender native and from Blender you can save OBJ/FBX/LWO/3DS as you desire.

  • @Triem23 Drat! Then I screwed usual. :)

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    @tddavis nah. I did the same thing.

    Honestly, I don't think it'll matter much which format one chooses. The models will need to be separated in Blender for export into Hitfilm, whichever format is chosen. I'm thinking FOR HITFILM a native Blender format might be better for making adjustments before export, but someone who might use these assets in (say) Hitfilm AND Unity might want FBX.

  • I downloaded the native Blender format version. It comes with a single Blender file that contains all of the different meshes. It would definitely be some work, but you can separate each building out in Blender. You will have to relink the textures as well, even if you place the Blender file in the same folder with the textures. They are not recognized in the Blender file. Thanks @AndrewCameron!

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    Thanks, I had not "pulled the trigger" yet, but was waiting for the feedback here.

    Have downloaded the Blender version now.

    EDIT: They sent me an email invoice for zero that says I can re-download my purchase at any time in any format for free. So, if one way does not work, we can try another way. :-)

  • It's an excellent kit!   I'd like to get a few more in the future.

  • I've just tried it and it says 199 in my checkout, is that what you guys got?

  • No, it changed to zero when I put in the code.

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    @Andy001z on the checkout page there will be a field for coupon/discount codes. Enter "brightartdarktimes" and the value changes to zero. 

  • Slaps head

  • I played around with these buildings a little bit this morning. First I loaded the Blender file up. Then I deleted all but one building mesh. After that, I relinked the textures, and then I exported the mesh as an OBJ. Bringing it into HitFilm, I comped it into a picture of my neighborhood. What do you think? 

  • @FilmSensei Nice job on matching the sunlight angle.  It sits well in the frame and looks like it belongs.

  • @tddavis Thanks. The buildings are of a pretty good quality. You just has to put some work into extracting each one and saving them accordingly. 

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     Hadn't heard of this site before but looks like I could end up spending a bit of cash on there. Thanks for the tip @AndrewCameron.

    Looks like I'm going to have to learn a bit of blender to use them as they all come in one file. Not suite sure yet whats needed to separate them as I like to use them in both hitfilm and Vue3d. 

    Maybe @FilmSensei could do a short tute on how to separate the models in blender

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     @DreamArchitect All you have to do is select all the mesh for one model and then export it either in  FBX or OBJ format.

    To select all the mesh for a model simply draw a box around the model. (Left mouse and draw a box)
    If you use the top down view (Number pad 7) it's easier to see all the models.

    To reconnect all the textures use File>External Data>Report Missing File. After that go File>External Data>Find Missing Files. Navigate to the folder that has all the textures and click on Find Missing Files. This isn't really necessary unless you render from Blender. 

  •  @FilmSensei J- how come black textures? The models are all white?

  • @DreamArchitect Also, when selecting in Blender it is better to be in wireframe mode to be sure and get all sides and points.  At least for me, that is.

  • @GrayMotion The black parts aren't really black, they are the glass elements of that particular building... Tower SM 05.

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    @FilmSensei In an unusual twist, I notice these models look much better the closer you get to them. I was wondering about the black myself until I zoomed in Blender.

  •  Black metal, dark blue windows...but the skin of the building is white concrete. My renders of the building face are almost pure white. Must be a lighting thing 👍

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @GrayMotion I see the buildings are textured white. I guarantee if you scale down the brightness of everything to under 200 it will look a lot better in Hitfilm. 

  • @Triem23 Yea...I got them looking pretty good but I see they are using a bump map in the specular slot. No good. If you drop the bump from that slot the building look a little better. Really need a normal map for the concrete texture. Also the diffuse colors need to come up to around 180.

    I was just curious why J's looked so much different than mine. Taste I imagine  👍

  • @GrayMotion I lit it with two point lights, one on each side. The right light was sampled out of the clouds and set to 50%. The left light was sampled off the concrete curb and was set to only 30%. The whole thing is definitely lit a little dark. Also, I turned up the roughness on the building to take away the shine. To be honest, I didn't spend a lot of time on it. :)

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    I was just curious J. Thanks 👌

  • @GrayMotion That's just the THIN AIR of Colorado! 

  • So you are saying "Rocky Mountain High" then? hehehe

  • Yup! Lol!

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