My first attempt at a video for my music using HitFilm Express Artist VFX


This is my first attempt at creating a video for my music using the audio visualizers in HitFilm Express.

I think it came out pretty good. I used a separate submix to trigger the bass spectrum effect which gave me two distinct spectrum visualizers. I know I am going to be using HitFilm Express a lot now I have a system that works for me.



  • @ccjmusic Nice waveform creations.  The distortion on the logo added to the flame effect.  Good job!

  • @tddavis Thanks for the feedback. It is hard to know what is enough effects, and what is too many. I am happy with the balance, but wasn't sure what others would think.

  • @ccjmusic Well, I wasn't over stimulated by effects that music would become secondary, so I agree you struck the right balance for tone and tempo of this piece.  It sort of reminded me vaguely of Holtz the spheres? I think its called, but not in a copy way.

  • @tddavis thanks for the kind words. My main influence in music is Tangerine Dream, but there are parts of many others too.

  • Oh, I can totally see that now that you mention them.  I only have one album of theirs though.  I got it because they did some music for a movie I liked, Legend.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Nicely assembled. Enough visual to justify the video without hitting the trap of doing too much. Excellent.

  • @Triem23 thanks for checking it out, and the encouraging comment. I am falling into the trap now of trying to create videos for older music instead of creating new music. Now I just have to decide which add-on pack I want to get next. Too many choices.

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