The Outer Realms Breakdown PT5 : He is coming

Now this is right out of my comfort zone and, frankly, I'm not sure how it's going to be received on my channel.
Many stop motion animators are likely to be using mobile especially the younger ones.
It's likely to be around 5-6 parts. It's not really about breaking down that video but, instead, the principles behind the effects and the decisions made creating the video.

Anyway, here is Part1 : Introduction...

One question about 'Tutorial etiquette'. The next part covers the titles and I pretty much follow the FXHome Game of Thrones text tutorial. Obviously, I'll mention that and add a link but is that something OK to do or considered a no-no?
Same thing will go for you @filmsensei with the ageing tutorial.


  • @Dafter_Things Don't worry about it. For example, in your tutorial on Titles, just say something like...

    I basically followed such and such tutorial about this. There is a link to that in the description and I will also put it up in the corner here. So in this video, I am going to show how I did this for my short film... and then go on from there.

    The person who made the original tutorial will be thrilled that you linked his video.

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    @DafterThings Looking forward to it! 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    What Jay and Lynn said. 😊

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    Thanks all. This is the plan :
    Part 1 : Intro (done)
    Part 2 : The title pages. Might be a little 'dry'  (done)
    Part 3 : Shot composition and drawing the viewers attention, Set creation and the torch effect. (done)
    Part 4 : green screen tips, making VFX interact with the physical set.
    Part 5 : Masking, erasing, making somebody disappear and the portal effect.
    Part 6 : The wizard battle and making Dilana age
    Part 7 : Rig removal, adding shadows and how to kill off your heroes.
    Part 8 : Quad warp, shatter, zoom blur effects and outros.

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    I really look forward to this. I have my own ideas, but it's all theoretical, so hearing from someone who actually did it is always fun. 

  • I'll admit I tend to go for quick, dirty and lazy when it comes to effects and, often, forget to follow some film-making techniques that I'm going to bang on about.
    What would be great is to get views from people on what I might do differently as I suspect I have gotten into some bad habits.
    We'll see 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Nothing wrong with quick amd dirty and lazy if it tells the story with style. 

  • Part2 : Titles

    I'm a little worried this is a bit niche for my audience and, frankly, too dry.
    I *do* know that Part3 will cover a lot more interesting topics but.... I'm still worried.
    I feel I should be spending my time doing another stop motion but...
    a) I like to finish what I have started
    b) I'm  quite enjoying the change

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    @DafterThings ; Very nice Part2!  You keep things moving and a lot of good stuff in there for new users to latch onto.  Great job! 

    I'm so glad you are doing these and talking about the nuances of timing and keeping the audience's attention.  Timing is everything.

  • @DafterThings Very useful series so far.  Well done!

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    Thanks again. Glad you like it.

    Part 3 is close to 30 minutes. I know it's too long and it covers too wide a variety of topics but.... it's done now.
    <edit> Better idea.... splitting it into 2 parts

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    Part3 uploaded. Badly titled but I hope it's interesting.
    I'm aiming for animators who might want to incorporate some effects and film-making techniques into their stop motions.

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    @DafterThings Excellent!  So many tips in there and very well produced.

  •  Part 4 : Green screening...

    I am not 100% sure if what I am doing with Matte Cleaner Smooth/Feather/Choke is correct.
    Am I overwriting the previous property if I use all three or do they add on top of each other.
    I feel the results is that I am just choking n number of pixels.

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    @DafterThings, this is a great series of videos, awesome job!

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    2 Thumbs UP!!

  • Thanks both.
    The next part is quite straightforward although it will show the Dimension Rift effect which I still find a little 'fiddly'. The part after that is the ageing effect and the wizard battle which I copied from 8 (eight???) year old Hitfilm tutorials. I'm not quite sure how to cover the particles as there are a lot of adjustments.
    Might just refer back to the tutorials for those.

  • Next part of The Outer Realms breakdown (PT5) . 25mins??? Is this a joke?? Nope. Not an April Fool...

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