"Could not start playback" in Trimmer after changing frame rate for clip

Hi all,

So yesterday I had a little play on on Hitfilm (I had previously been using Premiere Pro but let the subscription lapse) and I imported some video clips that were filmed at 119.88 fps.  I was going to slow the clips down to 23.976 fps so I right-clicked > Properties and changed the frame rate from there.

This led to a problem in the trimmer area.  The clip would only play for the duration of the audio, then is would stop.  So for example a clip that was 5 seconds @ 119.88 fps became 25 seconds @ 23.976 fps.  But when I clicked to play the clip in the trimmer the playback ended after the original 5 seconds.  If I scrubbed any further and clicked play the "Could not start playback" error was showing.

I read about a very similar topic on here from 2017 and a fix was supposed to be implemented back then.  I can't find the link now.

Whilst I can still scrub through the clip to find my in/out points, I can't play it in realtime, which is pretty annoying.

Is there an actual fix for this?  Or an option in the backend that I'm missing?


  • @Sheldoreo the first thing I notice is that HitFilm does not support over 100fps, so that footage could be causing issues. Does this issue happen if you use footage with < 100fps?

  • As an update to my comment: it unfortunately seems to be a known issue in the trimmer. It should play fine in the editor timeline however, although there could be an issue with the footage being over 100fps.

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