Audio Visualizers

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I just started learning HitFilm and have been enjoying it immensely.   Here are two of my early attempts at creating audio visualizers for some of my virtual orchestral instrument performances.

Best wishes,

Jay Bacal







  • Stargazer54Stargazer54 Moderator

    @jbacal ; Definitely worthy first attempts.   I like to first one with the clarinet the best.

    However, the credit at the bottom of the videos say "Performed by Jay bacal Using VSL Software".  What does that mean?   And what part of this is HitFilm?

  • edited March 12

    Sorry for the confusion.   The musical performances were created with virtual instrument software by VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library).  All the visuals (with the exception of the 3D models) were created with HitFilm Pro.



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