My first gaming montage with Hitfilm Pro

Hi there all,

I just finished making my first gaming montage with Hitfilm Pro. I have done a few with Hitfilm Express however I love the extra effects and diverse options that the Pro version affords you. I hope you all enjoy and I hope I do get better and better. My goal is to get as good as the famous gaming channels are at making gaming montages.
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  • Hi, not bad, but while I am not gaming montage expert or fan I would say all the rendered animation stuff at the begin adds nothing for the fan. People watching these are generally already familiar with the game and want to see something different / cool game play or a level they have yet to reach, they will have clicked away before any of your own hard work editing starts. I would loose the render and make a 10 sec montage off a couple of the cool bits from the video like at 5:11 when a cool explosion takes out a bunch of players. Getting people to spend time on your vids has to be about giving something unique or done to a VERY high standard. Good luck with it.

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