I created 4 FREE social media graphics for people to use in their videos! (All created in Hitfilm)


You can use these in your YouTube videos if you'd like, I have all the download links in the description of the video. I created these all in Hitfilm with animating planes and key frames ... I'd love to know your thoughts and what I could change in the future!


  • Cool stuff. Excellent use of the software. Sharing is caring!

  • @RyanRaake You know, I didn't mention this on your video page, but I don't know why I haven't ever made a bunch of these before with Hitfilm.  I get so focused on learning just the things I envision with Blender and Hitfilm that I forget there's a lot more that can be done.

  • @tddavis yeah I still can't believe how much fxhome has put into hitfilm... literally making the possibilities endless

  • @CNK thank you glad you liked it!😁

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