Imy's Jets thread..

I'll say no more..

F14 Tomcat Sunset Ride

Double F16s

What do you think?. I have many more made up :)




  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I REALLY like the sunset in particular. Do I detect Muzzle Flash as the afterburner? 

  • @triem23 yes I did use the muzzle flash for afterburner effect.. Glad you liked it :) 

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    F117 knight hawk

    Bombs away at night

    On the ground




  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

     I particularly like the look of "On the Ground." it's not too common to see Hitfilm being used to make this type of stylized look, and you're pretty good at it. 

    And these are just your first few projects, so I look forward to seeing what you produce as you get more familiar with Hitfilm's tools and workflow practices. 😁

  • thankyou @triem23 you are too kind, it is amazing how hitfilm really is and how user friendly it is towards  those who wish to use it for 3d models, I really found 3d modelling showcasing daunting when I saw it with 3ds max software.  But hitfilm had my money!..

    Yes they are just a few of my projects, at the moment i dont really want to overwhelm the place with everything!.


    Thanks again.. 




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    A jet short film I was working on, "Jet dreams".. But cant seem to finish/continue it..




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