Mitty In The City

Okay, sequel to last years The REEL WORLD of Mrs Mitty. As always, blemishes here and there, but after a year of toil, am too tired to correct every little Was just heaps of fun paying tribute to some of my favourite films, and try out some new VFX. you have 44 minutes :)


  • Firstly I owe you an apology because I did not sit through all 45 mins. However I did skip through watching the visual effect stuff, and there is some great stuff in here. I really like the Tron stuff, and the alien landing. I also liked the newspaper spin effect, nicely done.

  • Haha....all good Andy. Truth be told, I myself usually never watch any video longer than 60 And thanks, yes.....Kinda like the TRON sequence myself :)

  • funny video you talent

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