Vegas integration

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 Is there any way to have the integration with Vegas Pro 15 work with latest version of Hitfilm or is it Vegas version 16 only? It is unfortunate that this feature seems to go lockstep with releases and that there isn't a way of spoofing other versions. Thank you for your assistance.


  • Integration with HitFilm 14 is supported by VEGAS 16 and 17. For integration with an old version of VEGAS, you will need to use an old version of HitFilm as well.

  • Hi Axel,

     Thank you for your quick response. Is it still possible for me to purchase add-ons for Hitfilm 2017 which integrates with Vegas 15?

  • @Manhit  unfortunately you can only purchase addons for the current version of HitFilm Express. 

  • It is not possible to purchase add-ons for HitFilm Express 2017 at all.  The add-ons currently available are supported in HitFilm Express 8 through 14 (and beyond!)

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