Blender/Mocap Trouble

Not related to FXHome but there are lots of helpful people on these forums so I figured I'd take a shot. 

So I downloaded a sci-fi armor model online and when I imported it the rig looks like this:


I’m using NI-Mate mocap for my project so I’ve been having trouble with lining up this skeleton with my mocap data. How can I either adjust the mesh’s rig to look more like a traditional rig or parent it as is to my mocap data?


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    I think that one of these guys might be able to push you in the right direction

    @FilmSensei @GrayMotion @tddavis @spydurhank

    However mocap hasn't come up that often in the past. 

  • @CNK @HeySiri The only experience I have with animation to model is Mixamo and 'by hand.'  I have plans to one day give a try to MOCAP.  I assume it will be like with MIXAMO , however, and that doesn't like an existing armature and wants you to set up one that is synced to the animations they supply.

  • I am afraid that I have no experience at all with MOCAP either... sorry!

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     No experience with NI Mate here but from the looks of your model you are going to first have to fix the armature to align to the mesh. Youtube is your friend here:

    Here is a NI Mate Mocap rig

  • @HeySiri Markom3D just released this pretty nice video on rigging a 3D character in Blender using the built in "Rigify" add-on. This may be of some help to you as well!

  • Hi.. I think i can help...send me the mocap file you want to retarget and the model. I can get done for ya

  • @Idduland I will when I get home!

  • @Idduland I just realize that I purchased the model so I should give away the file for free. I could give you just the armature though if you could possible work with just that

  • I am not asking for ur file's to use personally. I am just helping you with the animation you wanted on the charecter

  • Armature is the model? And what is the animation you to retarget? Run,walk ect.

  • I can help u with rigging and animation nothing else.

  • @Idduland I’m parenting mocap and seperate animations to it it’s just that all the bones are just not in the standard format it seems like

  • The model comes with rig? And you are trying to parent another fbx or mocap file to move your rigged model?

  • I can set up a new rigg and animate bass on your movement. And export the final work as fbx file format

  • @Idduland the model comes with a mesh and armature. But, the armature comes looking very different than a traditional armature I’m used to as you can see in the photo. It’s almost as though all the bones are sideways. I just need to figure out how to make a more traditional skeleton and/or be able to parent my own mocap skeleton to it. 

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    Plenty of people trying to help you here but you seem to be unreceptive to help?

    So one more time: Lets try and fix the bones first. Try this (applies to .FBX files)

    File/Import/Import FBX
    Enable all these Operator settings: 

    • Import User Properties
    • Import Enums as Strings


    • Force Correct Children
    • Automatic Bone Orientation

    You might have to uncheck Force Correct Children and check Ignore Leaf Bones. I'll come back and help you attach the armature to the mesh if need be. Then we can work on attaching the MOCAP to the armature. Of course this is dependent on fixing the bones first.

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    @GrayMotion sorry that it seems like I'm unreceptive to help but I can't distribute the file. I was mostly asking if anyone knew how to reorient bones to appear more like a standard armature.

    EDIT: That worked! I checked the boxes you said to check and it imported perfectly! I'm glad it was such a simple fix and sorry again if it seemed like I was unreceptive to other help I'm just wary about distributing a file I paid for.

    So now the next step is being able to use my NI Mate/Kinect mocap system and get it to work with this mesh/armature.

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