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I just got this yesterdya and this is my first experience with video, so I know this may be very basic, but I can't seem to get the video to export, just the audio.  They are mp4 files.  Also (basic again) how do I preview what I am making in the program before completing it?


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    I'm an idiot, told you I'm very new.  I think Mp4 won't play on my computer.  Got it to work by sending the video to my phone

  • But still would like to preview the videos as I edit them.  Is that possible?

  •  Hey,

    Check out this video from FXhome and also their YouTube channel, you'll find lots of tutorials

    MP4 is a container, what codec resides within is anyones guess. If you are only getting audio, it's possible your codec isn't support in HitFilm. Please try to attach a Mediainfo report of one of the files you're having trouble viewing in HitFilm by downloading this tool: Once inside -> "File" -> Open -> "File". Once open, "File" -> Export -> Note the save location of the .txt (text file) that got generated. Open this text file, and copy and paste all the contents included in it in a normal message here on this thread like you normally would. 


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    @CNK if it's "mp4" that's audio only then it's gonna be h.265 in an "mp4" wrapper 99% of the time. Else, 3gpp.

    @BethRoseGoin 23:43 of the video below will cover how to use the free tool, "Handbrake" to transcode your video.

    You can do the MediaInfo report like CNK suggested, but, from long experience I can already just tell you to transcode.

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    @Triem23 I trust your judgement on this. In any case, what about the 1%? I guess I'm just in the camp which is about finding out the exact problem before looking for a solution. On the flipside, more and more devices shoot H.265 which makes very little to no sense when they. My gut tells me there doesn't have to be a massive amount of compression, the rate at which storage is going up and becomes cheaper compared to video quality is just night and day.

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    @CNK the 1% is 3gpp codec. 

    We had one of those in the last two days. 

    I agree one should diagnose the problem with MediaInfo, but I've so never seen anything cause the issue other than an unsupported codec in a supported wrapper. 

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