Hitfilm Pro crashes few times and upload dump do not work.

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My Spec PC

AMD Ryzen 3600

Gskill 3200 Mhz 16GB


GTX 1660 Super for Primary monitor.

GTX 1050 Ti for Secondary monitor.

 SSD on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Insider Build 19546 and Nvidia 450.12 Driver only nothing else.

 1 HDD with all Program like Hitfilm Pro etc.

  1. HDD with Scratch Disk. Like all projects saves.
  2. HDD with Media storage for all Imports.
  3. HDD with Export Media.

 When I drag some effects to comp shot that cause crashes with few times.

When use Mocha, I doing roto around my face then mess it around boom, Hitfilm hangs then crash to desktop.

 See the pix below.


Fxhome need to look at network error problem that prevent me to upload dump that failed many times.

I grab screenshot to show you about this network error need to resolve this issue soon as possible.

The sooner and better so I will able to upload dump to Fxhome and they will able to analyze it.

Thank you.


  • @dghf2016 I recommend you contact support directly as they should be able to help.

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    Is there a particular reason for using a 1050 ti for your second monitor rather than the obviously much faster 1660? That setup doesn't sound optimal, so please elaborate on that. 

    If I were you If all display ports are working on the 1660, I would disable the 1050 ti and see if HitFilm is still crashing.

  • While support can certainly help, I notice 2 things that might be messing with your HitFilm...

    1. The graphics card configuration as mentioned by @CNK

    2. It appears that you’re installing HitFilm to a different drive from your Windows install. This could also mess with HitFilm, especially a 3rd party element like Mocha. You may want to try installing to your Windows SSD

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    @TheBenNorris I believe Hitfilm doesn't support dual GPUs, correct? So @CNK probably hits off to the side of the nail with GPU configuration.

    @triforcefx I'm going to say it's unlikely to be installing to a non-OS drive. I've always put my OS on C: and all my Hitfilm (and other programs) on D:

    @dghf2016 like Ben said, you should certainly contact Support directly. This is a user forum (including mods) and are of limited help with this type of issue.

    General notes. First, make certain your GPU drivers are current and you have run all critical OS updates. A surprising amount of Hitfilm "bugs" are caused by running out-of-date drivers. FWIW, the current Nvidia driver listed on Nvidia's site is 441.87 released Jan 6, 2020. I don't know where you're getting a 450.12 from, but that implies you either mis-typed (and are running an older driver), or you are running a beta-driver, not stable. Eitherway, ddouble check your Nvidia driver. Here's a relevant FAQ https://fxhome.com/faqs/view/10

    You're running an Insider build of Windows. Again, this is a Beta build, not a stable release. You are possibly running a version of Windows more recent than what FXHOME has, and cannot code for. Your driver and Windows version will be important to pass to Support. It's quite possible your problems are caused by Microsoft code, not Hitfilm. 

    As stated above, Hitfilm doesn't technically support dual GPUs. In Hitfilm, go into the File Menu, then into the Options Menu then find and disable GPU acceleration, and see if that stops the crashing. If so, certainly tell support. 

  • Same error I get but mine allows and sends the dump files and then I can restart Hitfilm again. ( I always save a back up to a back up always though

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    @thebennorris, Will contact support.

    @cnk, why do I have two GPU?

    The 1660 on primary with Hitfilm on timeline or comp shot, use effects will use 1660 GPU usages.

    The 1050ti on secondary for viewer use this GPU usage.

    1050ti can use recording my videos while my games running on 1660 very smooth, I used OBS or similar that allow you choose which GPU you want recording; I cannot afford expensive game recorder hardware.

    This is my solution to have two GPU; I do not expect them to run SLI. Nothing wrong with have two GPU for many reasons and go google why ppl have two GPU.


    Sorry I will not install any programs on drive C: That is not my preferences.

    Best to have separate devices for reduce bottleneck I/O write and read back and forth.


    I am on Windows Insider and received 450.12 from WU, not on Nvidia site.

    See this https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/nvidia-450-12-whql-for-win10-x64.430333/

    Will think about downgrade to Stable release to test it.


  • Oh not a problem. I didn't mean to offend you. In any case, the GTX 1660 has got access to Nvidias hardware "NVENC". However do disable your second GPU as a test to see if you still crash. :P

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     UPDATE 1-26-20, I found the bug in effect called Twirl, I follow the step by step below.

    Launch Hitfilm Pro.

    Click New.

    Click OK new project setting.

    Import my media with 30 sec.

    Right-click make comp shot.

    Click OK comp shot properties.

    Click new layer Camera

    Click Twirl effect and drag to drop on Camera.


    Crash exact issues all the times.

    Can you reproduce this?

    I already send the ticket support.

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    @dghf2016 Are you dropping the twirl on the camera?  I don't think you can drop effects on the camera.  Not sure what look your trying to get, but try dropping it on the media layer if you're actually trying to put it on the camera and that wasn't a typo.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    As @tddavis said, effects drop on Media layers (photo, video, text, plane, 3d model, particle FX) and NOT on camera layers. I mean dropping an effect on a camera layer probably shouldn't crash the software, but it's not a "bug" in the effect, it's user error. 

  • @dghf2016 @Triem23 Just followed your steps to test it out and dropping Twirl from under Animations will drop onto the Camera layer and it did not crash here.  The Twirl effect would not drop on the camera however.  I did not try the 360 Twirl.  The animation twirl drops in under behaviors in both the media layer and the camera layer but it had the same effect on the clip.  The other twirl on the media layer effects line had a totally different look it.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @dghf2016 @tddavis perhaps dghf has older drivers or a different GPU? Either way Effects don't go on cameras. And, if there's a support ticket open this thread can certainly be closed. 😊

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    "As @tddavis said, effects drop on Media layers (photo, video, text, plane, 3d model, particle FX) and NOT on camera layers. I mean dropping an effect on a camera layer probably shouldn't crash the software, but it's not a "bug" in the effect, it's user error. "

    No, it's actually a coding / design oversight by the programmers to not have excluded the possibility that a user may perform such an action within the usage of the program, and in general terms of software development, these are classed as bugs. It's all part of software testing... and if the conditions in which the software does crash under such conditions as the OP has found, then it will be in the interest of the developers to fix it.

    For example if I were to drop a cloner on a  camera  in Cinema 4D ? What happens... Cinema 4D doesn't crash...  the procedure  is carried out however the output is null and void because the possibility to view cameras in this state isn't possible, the same with adding effectors. The viewport shows the result but in grey outlines.  Therefore if a condition in which an effect is used in a way in which it isn't possible to perform then an 'exclusion state' should be there to bypass any instance in which a tool performs an action in which it is not able to process.. 

    My first ever coding experience was on a Sinclair Spectrum back in 1981... ;-)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @starhawk77 I concede the point and sit corrected - which usually happens if I forgo technical accuracy for a colloquial point. Then I note Tddavis's post where he can't recreate the crash... Which means dghf might have something unique to his system 

  • @Triem23 @starhawk77 The Twirl animation setting applied to the camera but as a behavior not an effect.  The actual Twirl effect would not apply to the camera (It had the forbidden sign when I tried).  I am not versed enough in the intricacies of Hitfilm to understand what the difference in those two are, but the behavior version acted the same way when applied to the camera or the media layer.  Not really sure which Twirl the OP was using though, but I do think it likely it is system specific as Triem23 posited.

  • Guys,

     I was working on camera with behavior (Green circle +) and they are only offer limits animation and behaviors.

     Therefore, I looked at all animation effects to see which works on camera.

     I just want played around the camera with wild effects: P

     Fun facts, I like the Drop effect on camera, I am still learning with camera moving around.

     I do not know why Twirl effect crash on camera? Maybe it is not suppose that way, no forbidden red sign.

     By the way, my spec are up to date.


  • @dghf2016 You are correct from what I tried: the animation Twirl is allowed to go on the camera and it did in my case with no crash.  I got the same look though when I took it off the camera and placed it on the media layer. There seems to be something different in your set up causing your crash I'm afraid.

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