Gaming Intro 2020

Hi again :)

This time i have something different - short gaming Intro:

Of course fully made in newest HFP. Have a nice watch :)


  • @Gelqone Very slick and professional looking.  Great job!

  • Yup.  Very nice!

  • Thank you guys :) I am glad you like it :)

  • KirstieTKirstieT Staff
    edited January 17

    *gasp* ooooooh I love the addition of the controller. That is so cool!

    @Gelqone We'd be interested in knowing more about how you put this together. If you're at all interested in producing tutorials, please get in touch at

  • @KirstieT i'm happy you like it  So i will get in touch with you!

  • Oh dayumm… As Kirstie said, we want to know. I have tried motion graphics in hitfilm before but it is not my type as I find it difficult and then you came along and blew it out of the water. I want to see your whole project file for this because its amazing!

  • @Gelqone I agree with leuanam; I have absolutely no idea where to start on a project like this.  Here's waiting breathlessly for you to show us how. :)

  • I like it!

  •  he definitely used some set matte/masking  reveals 

  • Looks really slick. Very professional.

  • Hi guys! Sorry for absence, i have much work to do right now.

    I'm very happy you like it, thank you all for your very nice words :D

    In next week I will try to make an interesting comparison from "making of" this intro. It won't be a tutorial yet, but for now you should see how general concept was made in comparison to final effect. This should give you nice point of view :)

    In the meantime - have a nice weekend! :)

  • WOAH! I actually really like this. Very clean and professional but at the same time, insane. Good work! I really can't say anything negative about this LOL

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    Thank you very much @Epicsaurus ;

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