[SOLVED] Proxies are now Pre-Rendering - HitFilm Express 13

IGNORE! In the users manual 'proxies' are discussed. However they don't seem to exist in HitFilm 13. It looks like they've been renamed to 'pre-render'. 

Is this the best place to suggest edits to the users guides?


  • What page of the user manual? In the 14 and 13 user guides I do not see proxy being used. Only pre-render. Even 11 seems to be pre-render. 

  • Ahhh, you are correct. Somehow I ended up on a HitFilm Express '4' user guide page, not 13. I think I may have gotten there from a Forum article. Thanks for your quick response.

  • It is entirely possible that some older terminology has been overlooked in the current manuals, as that is a fairly large document. So if you do spot something amiss in the current manual, please do let me know, and I can get it updated.

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