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I recently upgraded to Hitfilm Pro 14 and although I would not have thought it possible, the stability is even worse than ever.  My project is just a simple edit containing about 300Gb of video, no transitions and very few effects aside from colour correction.  Crashes happen at inexplicable times totally at random and far too often.  The only consistent crash I get is when I exit the program where it crashes every single time.  If I try and send the crash report, that fails with a network error.  I know the list of usual suspects that can cause issues like this and none are true for me.  My files are all transcoded to DNxHD/HR, my video card drivers are up to date, no antivirus running you name it and it is as it should be.  I work on this project on my desktop and my laptop, and although the hardware is different the problem is the same, Hitfilm.  I buy Hitfilm because I can't stand the idea of rental software but I'm going to have to decide if I hate fighting with unstable software more.

I'm frustrated and venting because this is becoming a blood pressure raising creativity killer for me.


  • @TTSProd I'd hardly call Hitfilm an unstable software.  Myself and countless others have stability issues.  Granted, there are times we can over tax our systems but I don't classify that as software issue as much as a system issue.  Hitfilm does have its caveats as far as smooth operation to be sure, but so will any software on a small subset of systems.

  • @tddavis I'm happy that you are satisfied.  

    I've had more crashes than I have fingers since noon today and the unstable software label seemed appropriate.  Its unacceptable to me because I'm doing nothing fancy... color correcting and cutting... that's it.  For all Hitfilm is capable of, it should be able to get through straight cuts edit without crashing every half hour, shouldn't it?

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    @TTSProd Yes, it should and does, like I said for myself and others, which leads to me ask the dreaded, 'can you list you system specs; CPU, GPU, RAM, OS etc?'  I'm sure the developers and FxHome support people who read the forum will want to know as well.  And there are a few other users here that I far far more knowledgeable about specs and stuff than I that might be able to help with the info listed.

  • @tddavis

    Listen I appreciate your trying to help, but this can't be about system specs as my laptop experiences the same issues and both are well above minimum spec.  I'm just frustrated and venting and in hindsight I shouldn't have posted.  Perhaps my expectations are too high.  I'm going to do what I should have done in the first place and shut my mouth and demo some alternatives.  Maybe it will be a reality check.

  • @TTSProd Sorry I wasn't able to be of more help with your problems.

  • @TTSProd Asking for system specs is pretty standard.  Another standard response is are your GPU drivers updated and is the OS updated?   Not sure why revealing specs would be an issue then.  Without them it is pretty hard for anybody to troubleshoot.

    BTW, I've found version 14 (now on 14.1) to be the most stable of all previous versions.  Haven't crashed it yet.  I recently edited a 20 minute industrial video with lots of edits with independent clips, images, text and HF never choked once.  I saved incremental copies of the project and was upwards to version 50 something by the end.  In fact that was my best experience with HF's editor ever (I've mostly used HF for compositing).

    Here are my specs:

    Asus Z97 Mobo
    Intel i7 4 Ghz
    32 GB ram
    Win 10 64bit
    EVGA RTX 2070 Super GPU
    SSD for the OS
    HGST Video rated HHD for footage

    Often times crashes come down to GPU or driver updates.  So it would be helpful to have specs.

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    @Stargazer54 I'm genuinely happy its working for you, I wish that was the case for me as well.

    I've been using Hitfilm since Hitfilm 2 Ultimate so I know the drill.  I know my systems are in spec and updated to the latest drivers/OS and my desktop was custom assembled by me and the parts chosen with Hitfilm in mind. (I'm a nerd) To reiterate... 2 systems, both above spec, but totally different hardware, both exhibiting the same issues, only with Hitfilm.  If you could explain how it possibly could be a hardware issue given the circumstances I've outlined I'd be happy to change my mind but I won't be swayed by the reasoning that Hitfilm is running fine on your computer as evidence that my hardware is insufficient.

  • @TTSProd ; Well, it could be phase of the moon then. 

    But without technical details beyond " I know my systems are in spec and updated  . . ." its hard for the rest of us to pin point or eliminate anything.  Only thing left is to create a support ticket.

  • @TTSProd It's worth noting that Support will also ask for your system specs, regardless of how "in-spec" they are.

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    Amidst your frustration its clear to us that youre leaving critical information out when you should be sharing it instead. Saying something like "I know the list of usual suspects that can cause issues like this and none are true for me. " cant help us, help you. Your intention is to try to solve this issue, so lets get back on the ground and together figure out whats going on with your HitFilm. Its in all of our best interests to help you. :)

    System Specs? Have you done any overclocking? Certain instruction sets are more sensitive than others.

    Are you able to share a video of this problem that youre facing?

    300GB isnt a small project size. Does the problem occur with smaller file sizes as well?

    Best, CNK

  • @TTSProd hi there, sorry you're having problems with the software. From my experience, those that are this reluctant to not list their specs and insist that it is not their specs that is causing issues are actually wrong - it's almost always their specs that are causing issues.

    Even if it is not the specs that are causing issues, it could result in being an AMD/Nvidia specific issue we are able to diagnose, such as in the past we have found bugs specifically for certain CPUs.

    As the others have pointed out, it is an outlier for the software to be crashing as much as it is for you, so if you can cooperate and provide us some calmly worded information (including specs!) then we can see what we can do.

  • @CNK Thanks for a useful response that goes beyond "give us your specs".  I don't overclock precisely because stability issues aren't worth a few extra MHz.  Also, you are correct, 300 gigabytes is not a small project and actually upon further inspection it's actually closer to 400.  I didn't add all the video assets at once and in retrospect the crashes became more frequent as I worked through the project adding video a little at a time.  After my original post yesterday I looked around for an alternative NLE I could try and I've been pleasantly surprised, I added all my video assets right off the top and worked for 4 hours doing the same simple cuts and color correction I was doing in Hitfilm.  Not a single crash and buttery smooth.

    @TheBenNorris You would like some "calmly worded" information?  I may be frustrated, but I've been calmly worded and respectful in all my posts.  Your passive aggressive verbiage is not a helpful or appropriate way to address clients in my opinion.

    As other users have found, the NLE part of Hitfilm is not as great as some of the alternatives so I will follow their lead and use another NLE for editing and use Hitfilm only when I need the compositing features and export the results for editing.  Its not ideal but its working.


  • @TTSProd thanks for your response. As CNK asked, did you experience any crashes when working with smaller sized footage? Was all of this footage on the timeline at once? Do you have hardware decoding enabled - and if so, what is your GPU?

    Typically when a user, moderator, or staff member asks for your specs it is to diagnose any issues that may be already known, or perhaps related to some behind-the-scenes work. In this case, it would be particularly useful to know details about your graphics card and storage device, as both of these could be a factor in the crashes.


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     Hi there, please could you send us in a support ticket and also when prompted, please can you send us the crash report. I will be happy to help from the support desk for you.

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    @TTSProd Nobody here is upset or is trying to force you to do things, especially not staff. You should know that the staff are open and kind to the community, so don't leave with that impression if you don't choose to stay.

    In any case, if another user runs into this problem, and if it turns out yours is something out of the ordinary, then I would at least try to figure it out. Then the staff will have a better idea of how to solve it in the future,  and it's not something that needs to be rushed either. And you are of course entitled to use whichever NLE/compositor you see fit. Staff are even recommending other tools if they think it would better solve an issue. Completely the norm here. They're a small development team, they don't even compare to Adobe or Blackmagic, but their software sure as heck does.

    We hope to see you return though, there's no other community out there like it. :P

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