Any recommendation for a light for video under 100€?


I'm looking for an RGB light under 100 that has decent reviews and great light quality. 

Could you recommend me one that has scene effects such as police flashes e.t.c?




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    I definitely recommend a very accurate white and then buy cheap gel to get the colors you want. I think that'll both look cooler on set and also give you the benefit of a better LED overall, and with the gel on, built in diffuser. For the type of effect you're after, you may want a light which has a dim feature built in, rather than static on/off.

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    As a professional 3-d artist, I do a lot of what might be termed 'still product photography' in addition to the mainly for-fun and occasional simple but serious documentary type video production work of art related subjects.   I have a number of lights I use for this stuff. 

    I have four of these LED units and have found them decent for the price.

    The attachment of the light unit to the stand is the 'weak point' in the system.  It is a little flimsy... but if you take care... it will be OK.  The light stands are light weight.......won't stand up to abuse.

    But the price is right, and they seem to have a good output. I use gels to alter the color when needed.



  • I like the features of this light. It might be worth looking at. I think it does the flashing "police" lights as well.

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    This is an interesting topic, I'm also looking for something like that.

  • Take a look at the yongnuo 360 pro mark 4.  Really cool light!


  •  @8KMAX The yongnuo 360 pro mark 4 looks like it does what you need. However to me, which may not be the case to you, $100 is a long term light purchase. A RGB light at this range, will not be as good as a high quality white LED, which you can attach colored gels and diffusers over. If you don't choose the white LED to begin with, you may or may not run into major issues in your post production workflow, depending on what you want to achieve. Again, looks like a solid light, if you're happy, go for it.

  • I do agree, but the light I mentioned has got cri +95, so it should be capable of doing ok  whites...

  • I doubt it can do RGB and 95 cri outside of a test lab. But none the less, its your money and if it turns out to do all that you need it to do and it looks satisfactory on video, then theres no reason to further discuss white vs RGB. But if its a long term investment, research some bits about LED, and youll quickly see why its important to consider one or the other.

  • Finally bought the yongnuo light, absolutely amazing. High quality blacks and lots of scenes modes :)

  • Happy for you. :)

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