Chroma key seems to ignore white or near white

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When I use the colour picker and select even pure while box it does nothing, if I choose any other colour it works.

Go on tell me what I am doing wrong ;)


  • Your right. The Chroma key effect seems to not like a key color that does not have any color (white, gray, etc). 

    Maybe use the Hue & RGB key.

    My quick test was

    1. Create composite shot
    2. Create green plane
    3. Create white plane above green plane
    4. Add Chroma key to the white plane.
    5. Choose white for the key color
  • Forgive my ignorance, but isn’t this what the Luminance key is for?

  • Luminance is about relative brightness of a pixel and not some color value or hue. It has a few settings for the specific of the luminance computation. A Luminance key will key a bright red, gree, blue, whatever just as much as a bright white.

    The remove stock background effect might be the best for dropping white or black from a shot.

  • The remove stock background is designed for this. I believe until recently this did not work for white, but it should have been fixed now.

  • Well I have learned a few more tricks from this post at least until resolved.

    I am trying to impress a company for a job and downloaded a video off their website. They obviously used a green screen but filled the background with light brown circular pattern. its that I am trying to remove and chroma key might have helped me a lot.

    For those curious


  • @iDatus you're not going to have a fun time removing that background I don't believe. The background is irregular, which makes things difficult, but the brown-ish appearance will pose even more problems since the actor has brown hair and a beige sweater, good luck!

  • Tell me about it. I tweaking here and there and then have a bash at mocha.

    If I manage something reasonable (Im a pro owner but a low knowledge and simplicity user) I will post it.

  • After 3 years of trying to understand mocha, it finally clicked.

    Taking a long time but enjoying it.

    Think a series on mocha is long overdue.

  • @iDatus agree with that... but for now look up boris fx mocha tutorials 

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