Shortcuts for the Viewer not responding, V for Cursor, H for hand, F for point editing

No matter if I hit the keys. the cursor does not change to the required mode. Bug?


  • Confirmed on 14.1, even if the Viewer is selected.


  • @triforcefx yeah that seems to be a bug, I'll take another look at it, although we are currently investigating substantial shortcut improvements.

  • @TheBenNorris

    Since we seem to be in the bug-catching spirit today, I’ve noticed that there are times in Composite shots where I’ll click on an effect in a layer and the controls do not appear in the viewer. The Selection tool is selected. This has been most noticeable with the 2 point lightsword, but I’ve seen it happen with flares and even masks. The controls don’t show up until I adjust the effect manually, or click out of the composite shot and come back to it. This is especially rough when trying to do a lot of keyframes.

  • @triforcefx odd, I've never noticed this. I'll ask around the office to see if anyone else has and attempt to replicate it.

  • Fortunately I can just pan with the right mouse button, but not having a shortcut working for the mask tool is pretty bad.

  • Sometimes when I try to go back a frame using viewer the button is grayed out and I can't use it but the forward frame button works and after I click it once the back frame button becomes usable.


  • @TTSProd is that not because you moved forwards a frame? What happens when you go back once?

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