Random hangs when switching between projects

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I have an Issue since updating to Version 14: Sometimes Hitfilm hangs when Opening a Project while working in another. Just a few seconds ago. I saved my Project I am working on for 2 hour regulary by Name + counter. I then wanted to step back two versions and, clicked "File open" and after loading the file it hangs. Never had that before. The Project file is a new one, not converted. I seems to be random but I am not sure, could also be the time I am working on one instance.

Anyone else having that Issue?


  • @Juda1

    Does it ever get out of the hang? On my system, any time I open a project or create a new one, the loading bar will speed by, however right after that, the screen will stretch and HitFilm seems to freeze up for up to a minute. This has been happening since at least v12, and continues into 14.1 (I don’t recall what happened in prior versions)

    If it’s the same thing I’m talking about, and it’s only happened a couple times for you, I’m guessing it has something to do with loading media into memory and/or resource allocation.

    To help figure this out, here’s my specs. I suggest you post yours too, Juda:

    Intel Core i5 6200U 

    Nvidia 940 MX w/ 2GB VRAM

    8 GB RAM

    Windows 10

    I’m currently running everything off the internal SSD which has at least 100 GB of storage left

    Latest updates on everything.


    Certainly not a powerhouse, but comfortably within spec. 

    I primarily use media transcoded and optimized with NormanAVC scripts. It’s worth noting that for me, this happens even when creating a brand new project from the home screen.

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    I can post my detailed specs when back home, it's a i7 with 32 GB RAM and Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti for what I know so far.. I once tried for About 3 minutes to see if it just Needs time and it is not a hang, but it is. I never had that before so I thought it is an Issue with Version 14. 

  • @Juda1 @triforcefx can you try closing the effects panel, closing the software, then seeing if this still happens?

  • @TheBenNorris It does not happen when Closing the Software. It happens when working in one Project and then Opening another one inside Hitfilm. it saves the Project if desired, starts loading the other one and then it hangs (sometimes). Anyway I will try it with Closing the effects Panel before switching Projects.

  • @Juda1 I specified closing the software as this is when it saves your workspace. If you close the panel then open another project, it will re-open the panel. This is not what I want to test.

  • Closing Hitfilm and restarting it does not lead to any hang so far - even with that Panel open. It's only when swithing between Projects more than once.

  • @Juda1 as triforce requested earlier, could you possibly list your specs?

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    Closing the Effects panel does indeed eliminate the stretch and most of the “hang.” I did notice however, the more media/complexity in a project, the longer it takes to load into the editor after the progress bar completes. The “after load” times were about 5 seconds for a project with about 20 assets and about 15 seconds for a project with around 200 assets. Still a substantial improvement over before

  • @triforcefx I'm working in this area, so will be interesting to see how this changes with my improvements.

    Was the progress dialog gone when you say "after the progress bar completes"?

  • @TheBenNorris

    Yes, the entire “loading media” progress bar and the box disappears, HitFilm stays on the Home screen for a few seconds, and then I have control once the Edit screen pops up

  • @triforcefx ah yes, I can see why the amount of media items would affect this now, for the same reason that the effects panel causes a slow down. Fortunately, the media panel is something we are hoping to look at in the future too, so this problem should be eliminated.

  • @TheBenNorris I can’t wait! Here’s hoping these changes happen soon! 😉

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