Stop Motion : FPS vs Principles of Animation

Very much prompted by @filmsensei livestream a short example of Frames Per Second vs Principles of Animation.

A little contrived perhaps but I think those Disney animators were onto something 


  • The 9 old men were the ones that made the principles of animation so they were onto something 

  • Thanks Jay

    @andersen01498 ; Yep. Definitely knew what they were doing 

    The video has been received quite well for something which had, basically, created itself for Jay's stream. I said I wasn't that interested in doing tutorials but this sort of thing  is more interesting to me.

    edited January 15

    Techniques, principles and fact based testing are things which people including myself who like that stuff will never be tired of. It's fascinating and I think that you should continue doing them as often as you see fit.

  • @Dafter_Things This is in a way a tutorial. It is essentially an instructional video, and that is a tutorial!

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