HitFilm Express wont open a project

Hey so I've been using hit film express for a few days and I saved a project file an opened it and saved it a few times and the project file is still there in the right format on my desktop however when i try to open it it loads to around 90% and then doesn't open. I just see the hit film home screen where all the videos are and its detecting the file it just wont open it so if anyone could help that'd be great.


  • Maybe open Hitfilm and then open the project for the recent projects? Instead of trying to open the save file? 

  • @NotBryson can we get your machine specs if possible?

  • What exactly happens after 90%? Do you get an error message? Or is the project still loading, but staying at 90%?

  • GameFaceZA - i have tried opening it from recent projects as opposed to just straight from the file with no change :(

    @TheBenNorris - ryzen 5 2600 6 core 12 thread 3.4ghz CPU, RX 590 GPU, 16gb ddr4 3200 RAM, 

    @AxelWilkinson - it will load to around 90% in that little text box that pops up then the box disappears and nothing has changed, no error message and when i click on it again it just does the same thing

    It was working really well for a few days

  • @TheBenNorris



    disregard that last post, i have no idea why now but its working huh, I don't know how that happened, I seriously appreciate all the help though guys

  • Happy to hear its working. 

  • @NotBryson at that point I believe it will be setting up the UI, so if it appears to freeze or slow down I recommend checking if you have a lot of items in the media panel, as well as closing the effects panel before you close the software, so it is not loaded when you open the software next time.

  • That sounds to me like it was loading correctly, but the project was saved on the Home screen, so it was opening to the home screen. Switching to the Edit screen to resume editing should be all that is needed.

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