What version of Boris FX is currently running in HFP?

Hitfilm is listed on the supported hosts page for Boris Continuum.
Does anyone have any experience using these freebies in a project?


I'm watching Javert's tutorial

But it's not clear to me what can be/needs to be done in Boris, vs. what can be done in Hitfilm.

Briefly, what is Boris for exactly?  It seems to be simply a way to place a text string.

If it's more than that, can the experts among us describe how/when it is used?


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    Hitfilm 14.1 has Boris Continuum 3D objects version 12.0 (Continuum 2019). Not version 12.5 (2019.5). Boris Continuum is a large effects library. Hitfilm has the Continuum 3D object unit. The Hitfilm version seems to be one full version (year) behind the unit you can buy for $300 from Boris.

    Most of the effects in this group are legacy, IMO. No longer actively developed. They provide features to give 3D extrusion to text and vector graphics (Adobe illustrator, Encapsulated Postscript). Type On Text provides for animated text. Layer deformer will bend/twist/warp the layer in Hitfilm.

    All of the legacy effects are functions within Title Studio. Title Studio is what is actively being developed. Title Studio is an effect, but it is more than just an effect. It is a full editor, including its own timeline for creating fancy title sequences. Text, logos, other objects. Some of the capabilities of Title Studio exist within Hitfilm natively. e.g. The Geometry effect group. Most of what Title Studio offers cannot be done in Hitfilm native effects.

    One example of a "fancy" Title. Think of the Universal studios title logo. The 3D text, bent and rotating around the Earth in 3D. Can't do that in Hitfilm native functions. Title Studio can do this. I bring this example up since I believe there exists a tutorial for Title Studio to do such a Title sequence.

    Youtube search for Title Studio videos on the Boris Youtube channel.


    Title Studio is likely also useful for animated lower third type text with graphics. This can certainly be done in Hitfilm but you have to create all that manually. You could create a template for reuse. Title Studio has a big library of presets for things like that. Simple drag and drop.

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