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Below are some fundamental issues for your feedback into this product. The first few are repeated from my previous canvas thread.

  • When the canvas is at it's fullest, it's almost impossible to find the left edge with your mouse to resize it again. You inevitably end up accidentally starting a new recording.
  • Changing the timeline tool to cut or stretch doesn't change the cursor.
  • Cutting is very hit and miss. You can't cut at the playhead, you have to hope you have placed the cursor correctly. There is no zoom function on the timeline to allow for greater accuracy.
  • Similarly with stretching, there is no feedback to let you know you are about to stretch, many times you move the clip. There is no indication of how far you have stretched the clip, and no time markers on the timeline to judge it by.
  • Assets cannot be reordered. For a sequence-based process, it is difficult to rename and order assets correctly.
  • Automatically recorded assets are out of sync at the "Recording 9"/"Recording 10" boundary. From 10 onwards they jump back to the top of the list due to alphanumeric ordering, and no preceding zero on the prior recordings. Combined with no ability to order assets manually, it is time consuming to fix.
  • Starting point (in x/y/z space) of clips cannot be set. Given the very small canvas area, some sequences need to be recorded separately and then played in succession on the timeline. Being able to set the startpoint is essential to facilitating this.


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    Hey @Batvink

    Before I start, I want to mention that I’m just a user, I’m not here in any official capacity.

    Regarding ActionPro, the current version is the very first official release version and was released over a year ago. Due to some internal issues, development on Action Pro has been... turbulent... to say the least. 

    It takes time for a software package to mature. FXHome has proven that they know how to build a great product. But you should have seen their early products... or even the first couple versions of HitFilm itself... they were pretty bare-bones compared to modern versions.

     I have full confidence in the FXHome team that version 2 of Action Pro will fix and greatly enhance the power and value of the software. We may not know when it’s coming, but it should be a fantastic upgrade. Keep leaving feedback... it helps them know what things need to be worked on, and good luck to the team in making this software what it’s always been meant to be.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Batvink @triforcefx

    Watch this.

    I don't remember exactly where it is (@FilmSensei might know a rough timecode) but Josh gives a very honest talk about some of the delays in Action Pro, and some of the development problems, as well as some of the future plans.

    In my opinion Action Pro was released too early. While Josh didn't say as much, I suspect he agrees. 

    I will say that Action Pro is currently on a "subscription hold," by which I mean every Action Pro owner, even those who bought on day 1 (over 2 years ago) is getting the next update (whenever that is). 

  • It is at 33:02 of the above video that @Triem23 references. Josh talks openly and honestly about Action Pro and where is going. This was live streamed yesterday, so it's the most up to date you can get at this point.

  • Thanks for the input, good to see an update from the man at the top.

    @triforcefx, I'm in the software industry myself so I appreciate the journey to a better product is not a simple one. Here's hoping the journey restarts soon.


  • @Triem23 "I will say that Action Pro is currently on a "subscription hold," by which I mean every Action Pro owner, even those who bought on day 1 (over 2 years ago) is getting the next update (whenever that is). "

    Didn't know that.  THANKS for the info to you...and THANKS to FXHome for doing this.



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