Grayed out Viewer zoom options

I am trying to adjust a mask and noticed that I can't zoom in as far as I would like because the zoom levels are grayed out: 
Zoom level pop-up with available and unavailable options

Why is that so and how can I gain access to the "extreme" zoom levels?

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  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I believe those "Extreme" zoom levels are reserved for 4k/8k comps. 

  •  I changed the resolution of my Composite Shot to 7434x7540 (instead of 434x540) and it now has 3.9% through 400% available.

    And the 400% level still seems to fit the same amount of pixels on the screen:

    So the zoom range expanded, but in the wrong direction. Should I crop the Composite Shot temporarily smaller to be able to position my mask more precisely?

  • @DaniDipp above 400% and below 50% are reserved for extreme cases, similarly to how After Effects works. When you have a really small image, you can zoom in further to ensure it at least fits the size of the viewer. When you have a really large image, you can zoom out further to achieve the same. This is by design. I believe previously there was no distinct zoom level above 4/800 but i may be wrong. If this is becoming an issue then it can be considered for change.

  •  @TheBenNorris thank you for the reply! I have no experience with After Effects or any other video editing program, which is why I was confused. I would recommend hiding these zoom options entirely (instead of graying them out) when they are not available in the current resolution.

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