VC Optical Flares - 3D Occlusion

Has anyone with Optical Flares been able to use the 3D occlusion feature where you set a foreground layer (such as a text layer) and the flare will blink out when it passes behind the foreground layer?

I have tried it several times and watched the Video Copilot tutorial several times and can't get it to work.

I just want to check with others before I submit this as a possible bug.




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    Does Hitfilm crash when selecting a Foreground layer?

    Checked on both PC and Mac here -  my result... Crash.

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    In the meantime until this error is addressed  there is a work around that does the same thing: Set Matte

    -Apply the Set Matte effect to the Optical Flare layer. 
    -Set Source layer of Set Matte to the layer you want to occlude/obscure. Use Alpha/Subtract

    This should put the flare behind the (3d object, text) as it moves across the object or vic-versa.

    In the Stack

    -Optical Flare Layer
         OP Flare 
         Set Matte(source: Text Layer)
    -Text Layer

  • Thanks for the info, GrayMotion.

    It works but not as well as the VC OF Foreground Layer method because you can still see the rays of the flare.
    I'm sure they'll work that out.

    FYI - Right after I installed Optical Flares, the plugin would crash HitFilm.  Then the built in HF flare effects started to crash HF.  Then HF was crashing left and right.
    After an uninstall and reinstall, it has been working pretty flawlessly.

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