[SOLVED] What is checkCudaErrors Failed?

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I am hitting this strange error when exporting the video: "checkCudaErrors failed"

Version: 14.1.9605.7202

Any clue o nthis?


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    CUDA relates to Nvidia hardware. In the file>Options menu, try turning off Hardware Decoding and see if that helps. 

    I'll tag @TheBenNorris so a dev sees this after the New Year holiday. Also @Ady since the QA guru isn't getting enough love. 

  • Thanks for your suggestion. So far it works. I shall update here if i encounter again.

  • @YHit2 Sounds like Triem23 got you the work around.  But also, make sure your GPU drivers are up to date.

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    Experienced the same error when exporting with HitfilmPro 14.1.9605.7202.

    Updated my NVIDIA drivers, but still happening.

    Switched off Hardware Decoding and it's all good now. 

    Never experienced this issue before with Hitfilm Express and Pro. 

    Would switching off hardware decoding slow down exports ?


  • @chrisof

    Yes, disabling hardware decoding will slow down video playback and exports. We are investigating this issue for a future update.

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