[SOLVED] What is checkCudaErrors Failed?

edited January 1 in HitFilm Pro Support

I am hitting this strange error when exporting the video: "checkCudaErrors failed"

Version: 14.1.9605.7202

Any clue o nthis?


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    CUDA relates to Nvidia hardware. In the file>Options menu, try turning off Hardware Decoding and see if that helps. 

    I'll tag @TheBenNorris so a dev sees this after the New Year holiday. Also @Ady since the QA guru isn't getting enough love. 

  • Thanks for your suggestion. So far it works. I shall update here if i encounter again.

  • @YHit2 Sounds like Triem23 got you the work around.  But also, make sure your GPU drivers are up to date.

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