HitFilm Pro Video Flip Issue

Hello, HitFilm forums! I was writing this to ask about a bizarre issue I'm having.

So, whenever I'm working on a project, occasionally I'll move the playhead over a section of a video, and the video will suddenly become upside down. It's like the software is somehow automatically changing both transform values to "-100". If one of the videos gets flipped, if I go into the transform panel, it still reads "100," even if it's upside down.

It happens really often in certain comp. shots, but barely at all in others. It seems to only happen on media layers, not effects layers.

I've never seen anything like it, and the recent update didn't help the issue.

I'm sorry if this explanation doesn't do the issue justice. If you need extra clarification, just let me know.

With that being said, any ideas?


  • @RoboBot7325 ; Please list your system specs and which version of HF.  Also info on the imported video would be helpful.  MediaInfo is a good tool to see the under the hood details on your video.

    Those things said, one thing you might try is going to File, Options, Render and uncheck "Use hardware decoding if possible".   Also, make sure your system is updated and you have your GPU updated, as well.

  • I've had this issue before using typical footage from a gopro hero 7 white and it will try to automatically flip and then it flips and then unflips and its wierd 

  • @RoboBot7325 @Ieuanam I recommend trying what Stargazer suggested. I believe there may be a few undesired side-effects of hardware decoding.

  • Thank you so much for your suggestion! Worked like a charm.

  • @RoboBot7325 glad it worked for you, although it definitely shouldn't be working this way, I have raised it internally.

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