[ANSWERED] Videocopilot Element 3D can be used in Hitfilm

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Can Elements 3D be integrated into Hitfilm the same as Mocha Pro OFX ?


  • Element 3D is on the list of compatible Ae plug ins. 

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    @Triem23, thanks for the info.That makes things clear for me

  • If you are planning to buy Element be advised that not all things work 100 percent in Hitfilm yet. You cannot create nulls (points); Element assets are not rendered in multiple views (top, left,right,front. etc) making alignment a guessing game; DoF does not work with Hitfilm camera. Must create a z-depth pass and use Lens blur Effects with the z-pass as source.

  •  @GrayMotion,I will be using it mostly for jetstrike and metropolitan models.Thanks for the advice

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