Duplicating an After Effects tutorial in HitFilm

I've watched some After Effects tutorials by IndependentVFX and thought I would give them a try using HitFilm. This is the first one I have tried.

HitFilm Jet Test


  •  @AlDinelt ; Not sure what the focus of the tutorial was unless just bringing a model into AE/Hitfilm, but you have it looking pretty good.

  • Thanks.  Yes, that is what the tutorial was about.  I think the main part was to show how you could have an animated background with a single still image by pinning the corners and animating them.  It also had some stuff to do with grading and lighting the model.

  • @AlDinelt ; I never would have thought the background was a still.  It looked like a video file to me.  Kudos on that there then.

  • In case you are interested in how it was done, here is a link to the original tutorial.

    Jet Tutorial

  • Thanks for posting that link.  So.e good explanation in there on lighting and color.  Got to watch part 2 as well.

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