Speed/Duration Video Glitch

This video explains all. Only in Hitfilm 14 have I encountered this. Sound plays through but the video does not. Any idea on how to fix?



  • @Ieuanam I believe this has been raised internally as a known issue, it should hopefully be fixed in a future version, but I cannot provide a timeline for when this is expected to happen. Myself and @ady investigated this feature recently and found that it simply does not work correctly.

  • Nice, at least it's going to be fixed in a later version 

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    I can't understand how is this not a Priority Bug to fix?

    There is a clear inconsistency when using Time Changing Effects on a clip INSIDE a Composite.

    Temporal FX, Speed/Duration and Stretching (S shortcut in the timeline) all cause the clip to randomly(?) freeze on a frame until the end instead of actually stretching the clip.
    Any news regarding this?

    Here is a screen recording showing the issue (I've recorded a Gif, but couldn't find a way to embed it here EDIT: The imgur linked worked):


  • @VGuerreiro sorry you're having difficulty with this feature: we are working on fixing it for a future version, as this is clearly a known bug.

  • @VGuerreiro

     While I’m not a Dev or any other person that would be in the know, I can say with a fair bit of certainty that this IS a priority fix. But fixes take time.

    The truth is though, speed effects have ALWAYS been unintuitive at best in HitFilm. What they really want to do is build a whole new temporal control system that’s far easier to use and much less bug-ridden. They also have to (try) to do this without breaking existing projects using the old methods. It may take a little longer, but the end result should make a system that’s better for everyone.

  • Any news about this issue ? I hoped the new version 14.2 would fix this but I still have this same issue....

  • @Logan01087 14.2 fixed other more vital issues related to media and media handling. The fix for this issue should hopefully be fixed for a future release, but we cannot provide an exact release unfortunately.

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    This is pretty annoying bug... 
    Any alternative routes for making speedups or slowdowns

    YeremyahTriem23 ?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Shooter99 revert to 13?13 didn't have the bug. 

  • @Triem23 does license work previous versions?

  • @Shooter99 Yes, your HitFilm license should work for all versions back to v6, though 13 should fulfill all your needs.

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