Mixamo animation not working in hitfilm pro

I tried the mixamo to blender and then into hitfilm techniques as shown by Hitfilm Sensei and Gray Motion, but none of them worked for me. Are there any other ways to bring mixamo animations into hitfilm Pro or am I doing something wrong?


  • The Mixamo animation techniques that @GrayMotion did first and then I copied after should still work in HitFilm Pro 14. I have actually spent some time  playing around with the Mixamo models in version 14 now that the Material Overrides are available, and the workflow still produces the same result. The only thing that I have noticed is that HitFilm Pro 14 crashes a LOT (and I mean a LOT!) where as the previous versions hardly ever crashed. The Material Override features must really be a big resource drain, even when they are not being used.

  • What seems to be the issue with the model and animation JAKkevo?

  •  I imported a clone trooper model into mixamo for animations. I followed your tutorial but when I tried to import the animation fbx into the animations folder of the 3d model, it did nothing.

  • @JAKkevo Does the animation in the folder say "material mismatch?"

  • @FilmSensei if you're getting a lot of regular crashes it would be helpful if you could contact support, as we may be able to investigate the issue more easily.

  • No, the folder doesn't say "Material Mismatch". The animation just does not play when I put it in the animation section of the model

  • @JAKkevo Did you wash the animation through a fresh start Blender first before bringing it in to HitFilm?

  • Yeah I did. 

  • @JAKkevo The only time I have ever had the result you have is if either there is a material mismatch or the animation hasn't been washed through a fresh start of Blender. What animation are you trying to get? What type of model are you doing it on?

  • Its an fbx model of a clone trooper from sketchfab. The animation is "dying"

  • I have been having the same problem all weekend I bring Maynard from Mixamo into Blender then Hitfilm doing everything that I have done for a few other characters like Sensei explained but no Animation in the viewer but if you export you get some animation in the finished clip character looks like shit. and a lot of crashes. sent a few reports I even uninstalled and reinstalled Hitfilm and the same problem 

  • If the model is already rigged, then the rigging will mess up the rigging that Mixamo wants to do. Is your model already rigged?

  • Yes it is rigged.

  • Try importing the fbx into blender, and exporting  as .abc. Make sure you set the end frame of the animation.
    This has worked for me.

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