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I have to make a mention about a recent "rush" job I just completed with HF 14 Pro.  I was burning the midnight oil, the GPU fans were spinning and never once did I get a crash with HF.  Rock solid.   The project was a 25 minute video full of images and video, some at 24fps 1080p and I was editing at 1080p 30 fps.  HF didn't complain,  it just kept on chugging.

I have to say hats off to the DEVs.  The editor is quite capable and easy to use.  (I have mostly spent my time in the compositor.)  Somebody sprinkled some secret sauce on HF 14.  Love that I could just string clips together and drop in a Cross Dissolve later and no hitch in playback in the Viewer.  HF is now my new favorite thing (all over again).  I did a lot of moves on hi res images and the software never blinked.  Set up the moves from clip to clip. Drop on the dissolve - smooth as glass.

If I needed to make some keyframes changes - in the editor.  No sweat.  Click on Display Timeline in Controls for the clip and there are your keyframes.  The only issue I had is the sensitivity of the Timeline Scale, but once I got the hang of that, it was smooth sailing.

Is the editor perfect, well perhaps not. But it has come along way and I now consider it a real production asset.  I purposefully avoided making a comp shot for every text reveal or move and did all in the editor.  I have to credit someone (I believe it was @FilmSensei) for pointing out that "Hold" frames and a mask is all you need to pop on text lines one after the other.  Perfect for lists or bullet points.  Worked perfectly!  And it was FAST. I cruised through that stuff.

Sometimes I am dismayed with so many negative comments about the software.  I just thought a real shout out was in order here.   HF did what I needed, when I needed it. I was able to turn around an extremely quick project that looked great and met the deadline.

I have another documentary project coming up over the Winter and am now quite confident that HF can handle whatever I throw at it.


  • @Stargazer54 Good for you. That's fantastic!

    I agree with you also... three cheers to the Development Team for their hard work on HitFilm Pro 14! It is really a delight to work with.

    For those wondering what "Hold" frames and a mask means, Stargazer is using a mask to reveal more of the text as needed (like bullet points in a  video for example) using "Constant" keyframes. Constant keyframes are keyframes that do not have any interpolation from the previous keyframe but instead "hold" the position of the last keyframe until the moment (frame) of the Constant Keyframe.

  • PROPS!  I'm enjoying v14 way more than in the past as well!

    The only thing I'd like to see is perhaps there being a option for the timeline scaling to be based around the cursor position!

    I do a lot of zooming in and out on clips, and it's rarely around where the timeline cursor is located...



  • @WillBellJr "Ctrl Home" will center you on the playhead in the editor timeline. From there, you can either use the zoom slider or you can use the shortcuts which are "Ctrl +" and "Ctrl -" for zoom in and out respectively. There is no option to zoom to content, but it has been requested.

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