I'm Amazed at How Awesome HitFilm's Video Copilot Orb Plugin Is

I got a chance to finally play with HitFilm's Video Copilot Orb Plugin this morning. It is really amazing. Bravo to the Development Team!



  • @FilmSensei ; Whoa!  Looks incredible!  Great camera movement too.

  • Orb is one of those plugs ins I have mixed feelings about. There ain't nothing in Orb HF14 Pro can't do without it (animated maps is the only thing that can't be done in stock Express), but it does make things much easier since it can be done in one layer/plugin, rather than 2/3 layers with multi-effects chains.

    I guess for planets Orb will often be better, unless you're integrating the planet into something volumetric with particles. In that particular use case Orb rendering to a 2D layer can require messing around with occlusion maps. In such a case, textured 3D models have the advantage. 

    Jay, the renders look amazing! 

  • @Triem23 @tddavis

    Thanks! Orb was super easy to work with... after I downsized the texture files! :)

    On my first attempt, HitFilm seized up, and I knew that it was too much for my PC to handle. So I took the texture files and downsized them from 6000x3000 (18,000,000 pixels) to 1500x750 (1,125,000) or just 6.25% of the original size. Then, it was easy peasy lemon squeezy. Even though these were drastically reduced in size, I still think the quality came out looking pretty good!

  • @FilmSemsei ; Agreed.  I saw absolutely nothing low quality in the renders at all.  Very photoreal...the Holy Grail of VFX, after all.

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