Why I want to make films.

When watching a film or documentary, what really gets me fired up and excited is when the story and visuals make me feel this emotion and sensation that I never feel in everyday life. I can’t really describe it. Reality almost switches off and I get taken into this story, another world and physical feel just blow away and mind blow by the way someone is able to do this to me just through a video. This is why I want to become a filmmaker, I want to make films that have this effect on other people. How would I go about being able to do this? Is it simply just mastering the craft?

Also, is the what motivates other people to pursue this art? Or is it something else?

Bit of a weird post I know but just wanted to voice my thoughts and express my views.

EDIT: I just also wanted to ask one more thing. At the moment all I have been do is making like little travel and mountain bike edits with little story and meaning. I just wanted to know how I can expand into making more meaningful content. I have lots of ideas for short films but have no idea how to go about making one. This could be another post but wanted to add it on here so you can see why I want to do this.


  • It's a very rewarding art for for those who are willing to put in the work and enjoy creativity and storytelling. But it IS a lot of work.

    The first place to start is networking; write your films as scripts and start talking to people in your area about films. Get onto sets as a PA and start learning how production works, but also start finding poeple who can help you. You'll need a team if you want to excel, in addition to knowledge and skills. 

  • @SheldonMenez ; Good for you!  As long as you are inspired you can push through the down and dirty part of producing content.  @WhiteCranePhoto is absolutely right - Write!  You cannot produce anything of substance unless you have a script.  If you have a vision - pursue it.

    But don't burn yourself out by biting off more than you can chew.  Start small.  Do some short vignettes.  If you can get a few 3 min. epics in the can then take another step forward.

    Another piece of advice is to partner with someone who has talents that complement yours.  You will always achieve more with a team than being a one man band.  Not that it's not possible, but that is how you burn out.

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    My reason for making (very) short films  is to translate what I have written on a page into something visual.
    I chose stop motion over live action, cartoon, comics because it was the most 'doable' for me.
    Admittedly, it's a very hobby-level activity but...

    There is a ton of content out there which would be useful. Choosing which to watch is the difficult thing.
    I tend to watch and read anything I find around film-making from script to 'screen'.
    At the end of the day, as Film Riot say, ...
    "Write, shoot, edit, repeat"  
    ... maybe add 'learn' in there as well. 

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  • I also now wanted to make films

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