How smooth should text be?

Text caption added, font Source Sans Pro, size 60, regular with drop shadow effect added looks quite blocky on certain characters (other fonts also look poor to my eyes too i.e. I don't think it is a Source Sans or Drop Shadow issue).

Are my expectations to high? Is this how it is expected to look? When projected larger it is not very appealing.

This is from a 1080P exported MP4 file at 100%. The W and N in particular aren't very smooth. Am I expecting too much?



  • Hitfilm rasterizes text on creation. A general tip is to make your text as large as possible, then scale down the layer to get extra sharpness/smoothness. So, in your example, try font size of 120 and scale the layer to 50%.

  • Thank you, will try that out now.

  • Tried same text, tried 120 and 50% as you suggested, then 600 and 10% reduced in size. Very marginally better but barely noticeable to be honest.

    Top one is 60 and 100% and bottom text is 600 and 10%.

  • @eschew303 I can personally easily see the difference between the two. The bottom one appears to be more aliased.

  • Sure, they are different, but the better one is still not all that good

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