Frame skip and quality loss in export


I am using hitfilm to cut down sport clips to just include highlights and that is it. However, once I export the file I am suffering significant loss of quality/resolution. Also, the video is becoming very choppy, skipping lots of frames.

Here are the details of what I am doing:

Template: 720p HD at 30fps

Width:1280, Height:720, Frame rate:30, Aspect: Square pixels, Anti-aliasing mode: 4x MSAA, Shadow map:2048 pixels

(I have not included the audio settings as I am dropping the audio from the clips)

The source footage is: Width: 640, Height: 360, Frame rate:30

I have also tried using a custom template with the same dimensions as the source but that did not help

My actual process is:

  1. Drag footage into media

  2. Follow through footage in the trimmer, setting in and out points for each (approx 5 second) clip I want

  3. Insert clip using the button in the trimmer so that it goes into the editor

  4. Unlink and delete audio

  5. Export contents with the Youtube 720p preset (Have also tried a custom preset with everything set to "From source"


Also, this problem occurs in various media players.

Computer specs:

Windows 10 64 bit

Intel Core i7-6700HQ CPU @2.60GHz

16GB Ram

Intel HD Graphics 530

Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M


Any ideas what I am doing wrong? All help is much appreciated


  • @immotommi is the footage recorded on a mobile? If you could send an example of poorly-performing footage to support we may be able to investigate further.

  • One step you haven't mentioned is scaling up your footage. if you're bringing in 640x480 footage into a 1280x720 project, you'll have small 640x480 footage in a 1280x720 window.

    Exporting at 720 is scaling your footage up by 200% this sounds like less a loss of resolution than artifacting from scaling up low rez footage.

    The frame skipping: The reason TheBenNorris asked is your footage was from a mobile device is almost every mobile device records "Variable Frame Rate." (VFR) Your "30p" footage might actually be 32,30,30,24,24,26,26,32,31,30,23,30 etc. Hitfilm tries to interpret this, but doesn't always get it right (most NLE's don't even try to interpret VFR, and those that do have the same issue.

    In this case you should be converting to a constant frame rate (CFR)

    This video discusses the differences between a Container and Codec, VFR/CFR and shows several ways to transcode VFR to CFR. Time codes in the description have chapter marks.

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