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Hi, I am thinking about buying Videocopilot Elements 3d to use with my Jetstrike pack.Question is can I use it as a standalone and bring the results into Hitfilm 14, or do I need Adobe or something similar to make it work. Any advice would be much appreciated.


  • I believe that elements 3d now works directly within hitfilm 14 if it's installed correctly. That was part of the 14 update. No need for Adobe anymore.

  • I have just read another post on here suggesting there might be bug in the element 3d implementation in hitfilm. Check the other posts just so you are aware. I'm sure the hitfilm devs will get this fixed soon.

  • @dreamArchitect,thanks for the info, it is much appreciated.will go out and buy now

  • @Rick1 JUst be aware it has to be installed in a specific folder. Please check other threads for details on this. I don't have the time at the moment to look up links for you. Sorry about that 

  • @DreamArchitect, thanks for your answer about the specific folder. 

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