Online help still at Version 13

Just wondering if anyone knows when the online help  (at ) will be updated to version 14? Thnx.


  • Typically, they’re updated whenever the new documentation is done (it’s unlikely we’ll get a specific release date). Luckily, there weren’t a ton of major changes between 13 and 14, and most of the things that did change are documented in the video I’ll link below. If there’s any specific questions, we’re happy to answer them!


  • Still working on the manual for v14, but hopefully it will be available soon. Apologies for the delay, we are getting it done as soon as we can.

  • Thank you both for your replies!

  • The most obvious changes are the Interface. There's a brand new video for that on the FXHOME YouTube channel. The other big feature is Override Materials @FilmSensei covers that in his "What's New in Hitfilm 14" video on his YouTube channel (and the Chromatic Abberation effect, I believe)

    A summary of everything new can be found here.

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