Any restrictions on AE plugins?

Today I tried to install the GoPro plugin inside Hitfilm on OSX but it won't be recognized by Hitfilm (put it Library/AE/Plugins as well as in Library/OFX/Plugins). Is there any restrictions or trial and error which plugin works?


  •  The only Ae plug ins that currently work with Hitfilm are VCP's Element 3D, Optical Flares, Saber and Orb and Red Giant's Particular. 

    I might be missing one, but it's a limited subset for now, and the GoPro filter isn't one of them. 

  • There is a file called AEList.ini which seems to restrict the usage of other plugins (which I can't change on OSX). Would be great if there is an experimental flag and we can just test out what works and what not. Looks like we have to be patient here...

    Content of file:

    tc Part.*
    ~Mettle .*
    ~Mettle Mantra
    ~Mettle SkyBox .*


  • @Neptunos we only support specific AE plugins. I do not recommend messing around with configuration files within HitFilm.

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