Hello FXHome! There is no feedback option in the software (which I would recommend putting in) so I'm going to put my suggestions here.
1) Audio
          The sound options in Hitfilm Express are very limited. I mean very little customization in possible in the audio department besides a few effects! I have wanted to muffle, boost the bass, and auto-tune my audio in Hitfilm Express but there isn't an option. I have had to take the audio out of Hitfilm, put it in Audacity, and then back into Hitfilm to change the audio effects. Sony Vegas has a very good sound department and that is one reason I am considering buying from them over you guys even though I am way more familiar with the Hitfilm layout. There is an add-on pack but it really doesn't have much to offer. If you were to add much more sound options to that add-on pack than I would definitely buy that add-on pack. I am just saying the audio department is very slim right now and that is making me loose interest into potentially buying Hitfilm Pro!
2) Export
          Don't get me wrong, I love the export tab system. That is not what I want changed. But I can not find out how to export a video into dimensions other than the 16:9 aspect ratio. I want to edit clips for Tik Tok and Instagram or just to text to people but I have to export it in Hitfilm and then go into iMovie on my phone and re-export it after I have cropped it. That is really annoying. And if I am missing how to do this, please come out with a tutorial on it or something. I watch all your guy's youtube vids!
3) Speed Effect + Others
          This one isn't as important but it can be very annoying. When I am using the speed effect, my footage just goes black after a few seconds. It works properly but after a few seconds into the clip it either glitches and skips a big part of the clip or just goes black! Now I can just right click on the clip and change the speed/duration but sometimes I want to ease into the time lapse or slow motion shot and I can not do that right now. If it is that hard to fix than do it and add it to an add-on pack! Just don't have a broken effect please. Also, it is very annoying when messing around with the audio reversal and time reversal effects. When you make the clip shorter earlier in the timeline, it changes the end of the video when it is reversed. It is so hard to time everything right with that so just make the clip in the timeline correspond with what is going on when the reversal effects are in place.
I know there are more but that is all I have time to write right now. I hope this helps!


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