Edit on my laptop, export on my desktop?

Is there a way to edit a video on my laptop but then send it to my desktop to be exported?


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Well, yes, but the chances are you'll either need an external hard drive or an internet connection, cloud service, and a lot of time. 

    Hitfilm Project files do NOT save media (when you think about it, this is for the best), but only contain "pointers" to where the media is stored on a drive. You will have to move your project file and ALL project media to the other computer. If you've been smart and created a folder for your project and put all project media in that folder (or subfolder) to begin with then you can pretty much just copy over that folder. Otherwise you'll have to search for everything and compile it. 

    Any pre-renders? You'll have to copy those from their folder and paste them to the other machine. 

    If you are working in Express you can only activate/render on one machine at a time. You can manage activations from your account page on this forum.

    In Hitfilm's File/Options menu there is an option to save "relative file paths." If it's not checked, check it. Eventually it makes things easier. Think of "relative paths" as "directions from here" (relative to the project file). IF you have put all your project media in the same folder (or subfolders of) your project is in, AND your Hitfilm uses relative file paths, when you move the folder over the project will just open on the second machine. If you have NOT already started with project media in the Hitfilm Project's folder OR do not have relative files checked when you open the project on the second machine Hitfilm won't know where anything is and you'll have to relink the media. 

  •  thanks, what would you say is the best way to transfer files then? I dont have any external drives other than a usb 3.0 flash drive that does NOT have enough space

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    You'll either need another drive, or multiple bounces via the flash drive. 

    Or, use a cloud server, but the upload will take forever... Something to start just before bed, so it can upload overnight. 

  • Just get start getting used to using external drives. They're inexpensive enough these days, and will make your life a lot easier... until you get to the point where you have 30-40 of them cluttering up your workspace. :)


  • Yes, if this is the workflow you want to use, then an external drive (make sure it uses USB 3 or Thunderbolt if your computers support it) is a very worthwhile investment. Otherwise, (assuming you’re trying to speed up exports) you might as well just render from the laptop.

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