Coyotes | Short Thriller edited in HitFilm



Coyotes is my first film and hopefully the first of many. All effects were done in Hitfilm (except for some audio work in Audacity). Please give honest opinions both on effects and editing quality as well as what you think of the plot!

Note: before you ask, yes it was supposed to be very open-ended. That was entirely intentional and I don't have any plans to resolve any of it. :)

Another note: I know my opening footage is grainy. I'm getting lighting equipment very soon.


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    @HeySiri ; Overall it definitely has a creep factor to it, and congrats on pulling it all together.  A couple of small niggles (for me):  He just left his new bride in a bed and he sees the cabin go up in flames and his first reaction is to chase after, and away from her, the probable bad guy with no reaction to her being in the cabin?  Shouldn't there have a least an Oh my god, "Beverly" before he cut and run? :)  And to me what would have really driven home the final line is if he had come out of the cabin ranting about the ^&$%^((&* coyotes and how he was going to take care of them.  Just a couple of small lines of dialogue are my only notes.  I didn't even notice grainy or off lighting that I knew you struggled with, but I did think the cabin model might have needed a bit of scale up in the clearing cause relative to the trees it looked too small, but then Tiny Houses are all the rage these days so what do I know. :)

  • I've only watched the trailer at this point (I'll get to the film later tonight), but I wanna note your grades look good. I'd agree with Terry the cabin is a little small (you didn't want to roto those foreground trees, did ya? 😉), but the lighting and grading is impeccable! As we've already discussed, diffuse lighting is really hard to do in Hitfilm, and you make it work. I buy your day for night, and the only reason I noticed the bedroom door is a touch bright is because of the discussion we had on roto/grading. You really succeeded in smoothing out the contrast levels and getting the mood you wanted. 

  • @tddavis @Triem23 yeah I meant to scale it up but was running late on my deadline so I didn’t really have time. And yes I agree a tiny bit more dialogue would’ve been good. I guess I didn’t think much of it since I was trying to focus on the mood and action. I was happy how my grade turned out in the end.

  • @HeySiri

    Are you sure this was your first film? You’ve done far better than I did on my first go! Of course I didn’t have HitFilm ;)

    I agree with the above comments that the wife either should have been more important to the main character or not there at all. I’ll give you a pass though since I’m guessing you’ve never been married ;)

    A few of the effects could be cleaned up, however they looked great for your first time, and you were on a tight schedule. I’d love to see what you could do with just a bit of extra time!

    I actually did some tests with your overexposed image the other day and my results were nowhere near as good as what you were able to do... I’m actually a bit amazed you saved those shots as well as you did- I wouldn’t have known they were so rough in the beginning!

     Overall, I love what you’ve done and I can’t wait to see what you do next! Great job!

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